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2023 GA Crash Report Update

We've got some news we think you'll love.

The 2023 GA Crash Report Update is rolling out now!

In January GDOT notified software vendors that the GA Crash Report would be changing effective July 2023. Our development team worked quickly to make the necessary changes. We're happy to report that the latest versions of InterOp RMS and InterOp Mobile is compliant with the new GDOT requirements.

What do you need to do to get your update?

Not a thing. We've got you covered!

The InterOp update team will be rolling out the updated crash report over the next several weeks. If your agency has not been updated to the most recent mobile version, 5.6.0, the InterOp update team will contact you to schedule a full update to include the latest mobile version as well as the latest crash report.

Check out the Release Notes page to learn more about InterOp Mobile version 5.6.0.

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