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Removing Locks in InterOp RMS

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

One of the most common support tasks is removing locks in InterOp RMS. Locks can occur when a record has been opened by another user. For example, if an Officer is in the process of creating an Incident Report, other users may be able to open and view the record, but not edit the record.

When a record is locked, the fields will be yellow and unable to make or save changes. When downloaded onto a mobile device, locked records may appear blank. The most common reasons for record locks include:

  • A user is actively creating or editing the record

  • A user has opened the report to review or make changes and stepped away without closing (Evidence, CID, Patrol on an active call are some examples)

  • A mobile user has attempted to download the record multiple times

Did you know that removing locked records can be done right there at your agency? Simply navigate to the select Utilities from the Menu in InterOp RMS, click on Remove Locks and select the record that needs to be unlocked.

Unlocking records requires a special InterOp permission provided to most system administrators. Your system administrator is typically the person who creates new users in your system. It is important to make sure that you check with the user with whom the record is open to ensure they are not actively making changes prior to removing the lock.

For a step by step guide on removing locks, check out the knowledge base article: How to Remove a Record Lock.

And now you know! Check back next week for another great tip!

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