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How to Upgrade Your Accident Diagramming Licenses for Free in Georgia

Did you know that you can score additional and/or updated Accident Diagramming Licenses from the State of Georgia at no additional cost to your agency?

As an incentive to submit accident reports electronically the State is sponsoring licensing for any Georgia agency reporting to GEARS (Georgia Electronic Accident Reporting System).


Do You Qualify?

1.) Are you creating accident reports electronically?

A.) YES - Proceed to Question 2

2.). Are you submitting your electronic reports and diagrams to GEARS?

A.) YES - Congratulations! You qualify!

If you answered YES to both questions above, then congratulations! You qualify to receive free licenses from the state.

Here's What You Need to Know to Get Started:

1.) Many agencies are still using ESD v5. That version is no longer available and it's time to upgrade to ESD v7.

2.) If this is your first time requesting a license from the State, you will need to request a v7 license for each machine creating diagrams - even if they already have a license code. - Note: Be sure to count all mobiles and squad room computers.

4.) Once you receive your new license code, your system will need to be configured to use the v7 license at the server level and on ALL mobile devices.

Remember, if you need help, you can always call our support team and we'll be happy to walk you through this system change.


And now you know! If you found this tip useful, be sure to follow us on Facebook for Top Tip Tuesday and more!

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